Castlemain Capital

Your Complete Business Advisor

Alister Bull has more than forty years’ experience in finance and business consulting, with particular strengths in financial structuring, risk analysis, strategic planning and problem solving.

Castlemain Capital was formed by Alister in 2007 to provide a comprehensive service to small to medium enterprises. It has worked with a number of companies to increase their potential and with the current market situation Castlemain Capital wants to ensure that small to medium enterprises in need of support or wanting to realise their potential know that assistance is readily available.

  • Experienced and customer focussed
  • An Independent Finance Consultant
  • Commited to providing Finance Advice and Funding solutions
  • Strategically well connected with investors, banks, financing companies and valuers
  • Create appropriate govenrnance structures and systems
  • Create exit strategies including the eventual sale of the business
  • Evaluation and structuring projects
  • Provide strategic reviews of the company and strategic planning
  • Arrange debt and equity funding
R.E.M Farming Limited had engaged the profesional services of Alister Bull to assist in a varienty of ares including:
  • Disputes Resolutions
  • Capital Raising
  • Refinancing
  • Govenrnance Expertise
  • Business Planning
  • TRading Bank Accountability
He has proved to be most effective in adding value to our business in these areas, in part due to his comprehensive range of industry contacts, and his mana within the banking and financial industries. We have found him to be both methodical and meticulous in his approach to our affairs, uncompromising when necessary, yet conciliatory at the appropriate moment.
He has also been very good at wielding a big stick and keeping us on track. In our team he is the equivalent of former All Black Brad Thorn – very professional, quiet and calm, but not intimidated by anyone. He doesn’t take a backward step and works away diligently beneath the radar in dark places were others fear to go. I have no hesitation in recommending Alister to others requiring assistance in these areas.
Chris Dawkins
Castlemain Capital